Don’t Be Shy To Think About More Money When You Buy YouTube Likes


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Whether you are supposedly established online or are completely new to this environment, matters not. When we expressed our misgiving that you were established online, we were thinking of something quite serious that many struggling businesses and new startups have in common. They all seem so very afraid to talk about the money. They may be scared if they mention ball park figures to prospective clients, they may just be chasing them away.

That’s not entirely true. The kind of clients you want in your online portfolio fully appreciate being told what it’s going to cost them for your services and/or products. You can mention this in your marketing and advertising presentation, and there is really no need to say that this product ‘only’ costs so and so. Discerning consumers have already been surfing the net and they already have a fair indication of price variations.

And then there is this. Newbies and long in the tooth business practitioners are afraid of upping the ante where more money is concerned. This is because competitors or rivals may be charging substantially less and the fear is that you’ll never land the business because your price is far too high. But you’ve already done your homework. You’ve costed what it takes to produce a certain product or deliver a particular service.

And you have also taken into account what you need to make over and above this in order to realize realistic turnover targets. But none of these strategies seem to be working. You are nowhere near as close to making first contact with new clients that you want on your books. For one thing, they have yet to notice your YouTube video online. If you wish to continue selling yourself (short) by the book online, then by all means.

Let us know in the next few years when you’ve landed your first client. Unless we’ve been cryogenically frozen, we’re not so sure we’ll be around when this happens. We would like you to fast-track your visibility. This is a sure-fire way to get noticed online and start chatting to the first batch of potential clients. First you buy YouTube views. After that, buy YouTube likes. And when you’ve done that, buy YouTube comments.

Let us close this note by explaining why these purchases are necessary and how they will be working in your favor. The YouTube views walk online viewers directly to your YouTube video. The YouTube likes are noted under your YouTube video the moment your purchases have been processed. And when your YouTube comments purchases have been cleared as well, you will already have a record of comments against your video. Or should that rather read; for your video. For your business. That’s a more positive statement to be making at this time. Because the comments recorded are all going to be positive. And you already know how positive having ‘likes’ is, so no further explanation necessary.

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