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I bought some home workout equipment a few years back hoping that having it in my home would motivate me to build up my muscle mass and make myself a whole lot healthier.  Of course, that really only lasted a couple of weeks, and since that time the machine has just been sitting in my garage collecting dust.  One of the problems that I had with that machine was the fact that it did not seem to get me the results that I wanted as quickly as I wanted them.  This was definitely something that was bothersome to me, and I knew that if I was going to exercicio em casa, I wanted to at least be able to see the results.  Plus, I would always be sore the day after working out, which made me less motivated to do it again.

exercicio em casa

After giving up on that machine, I did join a gym for a few months, but because it was so far away from my home, I did not have the time to go there as much as I wanted to.  I decided that the membership was really just wasting my money, and so I cancelled it.  I had pretty much given up on having a strong body, and I allowed myself to get a bit flabby.  Knowing that I did not want to be overweight, I decided to find something that would be able to give me both an aerobic workout as well as building muscle.  I stumbled upon a program that many people have seemed to have success with, and I was amazed to find that it did not require any sort of workout equipment at all.

I decided to give this program a chance in order to see how well it would work for me.  After about four months, I had already begun to feel a whole lot healthier.  Not only that, but my arms had grown significantly bigger, as those were part of my focus throughout the program.  I found myself amazed that I was able to do this with very little financial investment while also not needing any sort of equipment.  Plus, because I was working out from home, I did everything on my own schedule.

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