The Money Involved in Esports


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In the past, being obsessed with a video game just meant that you would spend hours playing for personal glory, even at the expense of other things in your life. Now if you are at a point where you have a high level of skill at a game, and you are devoting hours each day, you could be making some very real money. The beauty of esports is that you have more than one way to make money, and that is what makes gaming so interesting to those who are obsessed with it at a high level.

esports junkie

There are so many esports junkie types out there. And that means we have people who are okay with spending hours watching others playing games. And that is what makes you an esports junkie. But more than anything else, it means those who play the games have so many options out there to make money. Let us talk a little bit about these options right now. What are the options? The first one is that you are just amazing at the game and you are going to compete in tournaments and esports leagues. That is the most obvious route, because there is sponsorship and prize money involved.

It is not just that you can make money if you win, but you can get sponsorships to ensure you are being paid to train for the events, and you can get onto professional teams that will pay you a salary to represent them at these events. That means it is your career and not just a hobby anymore.

Now what about those who love the games but are not at that elite level? If you have a fun personality and you like making online content, you can revolve your life around making videos about these games. That would get you a great audience on a site like YouTube. Or if you just want to play the games and interact with people in real time, you could stream on a site like Twitch. You can have people subscribe to you to make money, or even send you donations.

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